Hello! My name is Jenny

(Photo Cred: IcaImages)

By day I am an elementary school teacher.
By night I juggle lesson planning, graduate school, and diving into my goals & passions.

I like being married, crafting, dancing, singing, eating, taking pictures, 
and spending time with friends and family.

What drives me even through the hustle and bustle of life?

When I think of the word paradise, I envision a beautiful scenic view of the ocean, hearing the waves crash upon the sandy beach, and the sun kissing down on me.  

My goal is to make life become it's own never-ending paradise.

Dear Paradisehas become my number one passion.
Here in my paradise, I want to show fun DIY projects, inspire ideas, 
give how-to tips, and share beautiful life moments and passions

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

 I can't wait to hear how you make your own paradise.

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