DIY: String Art Ornament

DIY: String Art Ornament
(Created this cutie to send for an Ornament Exchange I participated in!)

A good friend and fellow blogger of mine, Sara from My Name is Sara, first told me about an Ornament Exchange she was interested in participating in which was hosted by another great blogger, One Artsy Mama.

It was easy to sign up, you just had to give a little info about yourself into a google forum and then you would be matched up with another person in the U.S.  (There was even a forum if you wanted to join internationally).

The moment I got the email with my match, I was on the hunt for the perfect ornament.  My ornament match, Cassie, said how she would like anything with "bones" so I thought a string art of a bone would be a cute and more modern idea to send then to just find a bone ornament.  So here's how I created my first string art ornament!


  • Wood slice Ornament (found at Target.)
  • Colored string (I used metallic twine in Christmas colors.)
  • 0.5" Wire Nails (I got mine from Lowe's)
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Stencil of whatever shape you want for your ornament (I used a bone, I'll explain my reason why later in this post.)


1. Find inspiration.
I've seen a lot of different ideas using smaller wood slices as ornaments for trees.  Some ideas involve etching or wood burning letters or designs in the wood.  Others I've seen have been painted pictures or calligraphy of cute quotes like the picture below. 

via Pinterest

In all honesty though, my handwriting could never replicate the beauty of calligraphy.  I did receive great reviews for my first String Art Creation, so I thought it would be great to do a mini string art project on an ornament! 

2. Nail the template onto the wood.
I thought about printing a template of a bone... but then my printer wasn't working, so hence my drawing skills (if any) came in. I then started by nailing in 6 nails.  

I was hesitant at first because the wood was thinner, and the nails were a lot shorter. 

Tip: Use pliers with one hand to help hold the nail straight up as you hammer with the other hand.  Using your fingers may/will cause accidents.

Continue to hammer nails around the perimeter of your shape, until you are satisfied with the nail placements.

3. Remove the paper template from the wood.
After placing all the nails you want, carefully rip off the paper away from the wood.

Tip: If small pieces of paper get stuck, use the pliers to pull the piece free.

4. Tie a double knot around a starting nail.
It doesn't matter where you want to start, just make sure to tie two knots to secure the string.  As you start stringing, the string will stretch and pull.

5. Wrap string around nail heads.
This was my favorite part.  There's no right or wrong direction in which your string can go.  The real art comes from the spontaneous design that happens when you start wrapping the string around the nails.  

I started by going around the perimeter of the bone shape and then filled in on the inside.  I tried to have the string looping in the same direction.

Tip: Loop your string twice around the head, that way as you pull it towards a new nail, it doesn't slip off from it's previous spot.

When you finished don't forget to tie a knot on your last nail or ending nail. 

Tip:  Cut the extra string by your knots and then use hot glue to secure and hide any excess knot string.  This will help secure your knot.

Wa-la! Now you have your very own String Art Ornament!
I'm so glad Cassie loved this ornament!  I can't wait to create more for friends and family.

Do you have a favorite string art design or creation?  Share away!

Stay crafty my friends!
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  1. So cute! I love the look of those little wooden ornaments and I love how you can make any shape you want!

    My Name is Sara