How to: Recharge

Sometimes it happens.  When you feel like you've hit rock bottom and you don't know where to go from there.

I never thought it would happen to me, but recently it did.  I felt lost and not myself.  I wasn't happy with the way things were happening and I felt like I was not in control. 

But there is hope, the feeling will pass and you will be "fine".  I have been taking some time to try to recharge my "heart".  Not because of a romantic heartbreak, if anything my husband is the rock that has been the one solid thing I can rely on. I am so grateful for him.

But I found some things that have helped me fill my heart and recharge it:

1.  Get enough sleep.
Because well...bed and sleep.

2.  Do things you love.
Dance, sing, run, craft, etc.

3.  Eat.
A full tummy leads to a fuller heart.

4.  Listen to music.
Sometimes you can find the right words from the lyrics written in songs.  I've found a new song that has become my "heart" song to help me recharge and know that I'll be okay and I'm not alone.

5.  Retail therapy.
I've been obsessed with Lularoe, may have become an addiction now.  But I love the way the clothes make me feel.

6.  Watch something you enjoy.
Some people enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix.  watch mindless carefree videos on Facebook, or talented inspiring videos on Youtube.

7.  Surround yourself with people or animals you like.
Friends make the world go around. And PUPPIES!

8.  Smile and laugh.
Laughing helps to fill the heart.

9.  Take time reflect about the good.
I do this often when I'm alone, or getting ready for the day, or driving in the car.  I thought about the moment my husband proposed to me and how my heart was so full and happy from that.

10.  Talk to someone.
Sometimes you just need to talk it out.  And remind whoever you are speaking to that it's okay if they don't offer a solution, just be there for you.

11. Go to a happy place.
Culture yourself at a museum or hang out with a penguin or two at the Zoo.

12. Write it out.
On a piece of paper, in a journal, on a blog.  Whatever the outlet, make sure you keep it healthy and safe for yourself. 

13. Do fun things.
Especially if it makes you feel like a kid again.

14. Spend the weekend away.
Take a mini-vacation, out of town, surround yourself with newness.

15. Fill up on good vibes.
Sometimes you just need a reminder.

How do you recharge?

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