DIY: Flower Headpiece

DIY: Flower Headpiece
(In love with flower crowns! This is another creation made for my sister-in-law.)


  • Floral Tape
  • Wire 
  • Silk Flowers (choose a color scheme)


1. Measure the wire, cut, and wrap together at the ends.
To measure I wrapped the wire around my own head loosely to get a measurement that I liked.  Be sure to wrap one end around the other making sure the tips are not sticking out. You can use floral tape to cover pointy ends.

2. Cut or pull off the flower pieces you want to add into your headpiece.
Practice arranging how you would like the flowers to be placed against the wire.  Practice attaching the flower pieces with the floral tape.  (Floral tape makes it really easy to fix any mistakes, you can just mold the tape to fit around the flower piece.)

3. Arrange and tape the flower pieces onto the wire.
I was able to slide the flowers to adjust the spacing easily even after being taped on.  I then secured the flowers with more tape once I liked the placement.  (Don't be afraid to move flowers around.)

4. Push down any bubbles or folds in the floral tape.

Wa-la! Now you have a beautiful flower headpiece!

Flower headpieces are great for bridesmaids, costumes, celebrations, or just for fun!

Here is my lovely sister-in-law sporting the flower headpiece I made for her!

Stay crafty my friends!
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