OODP: Cardigan & Shorts

(Outfits of Dear Paradise)
OODP: Cardigan & Shorts

My "summer" time is coming to a close, but weather-wise it doesn't feel like it's letting up.  
I wore this cute outfit this summer while museum adventuring and outlet shopping.
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Summer Adventure: Canada Road Trip

This 7-Day Summer Adventure lead my family though a road trip across Canada.

I took tons of pictures to document the journey, but instead of completely photo dumping into this blog post, I instead want to share the highlights of the the different places we visited.

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Be Inspired: Welcome Back Student Gifts

I have no idea how, but August is here meaning my summer is coming to a close.  

Teachers go back in less than two weeks so I have to somehow slowly turn down my summer brain and turn up my school brain!

I've been going into school to work on my new classroom since I switched grades and I continue to add onto my to-do list before the kiddos arrive!

I want to definitely kick off the year by welcoming my future students in with a treat from their soon-to-be teacher.  I wanted to find cute but affordable ideas, since I've been spending a lot of money preparing my classroom as many teachers do before the school year begins.

Here are some of the cute and cheap Welcome Back Student Gift ideas I've collected:

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