Summer Adventure: Rustic 25th Anniversary

Summer Adventure: July 10th

One thing I love about my family is that I have many relatives who live nearby, so get togethers are yearly events. I always look forward to spending time with my relatives because they are quite a lively bunch!

This summer was my Tita (aunt) Joy and Tito (uncle) Chuck's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  So to celebrate this tremendous milestone they invited everyone to wear white and attend their ceremony and reception.

They had a beautiful ceremony in a lovely church!  The architecture incorporated modern elements along with classic framework.

I loved watching my aunt and uncle recite their vow renewals to each other.  (Definitely, should have brought tissues with me during that.)

After the ceremony, the celebration continued to a separate reception location which was held in the party room of a country family-style restaurant, called Friendly Farms.

I was lucky enough to help with setting up decorations.  My cousin Kathy has such a great vision in how to set up beautiful spaces. I had so much fun helping out that morning!

Here are a few photos of the rustic reception decor.

This had to have been my favorite spot.  I like the call it the "battle of the cakes".  Every dessert was homemade by someone in our family.  I couldn't believe how many talented bakers I knew!

I could seriously stare at this table all day... but let me tell you that the dessert went fast, especially those macaroons!

It was definitely cool to see some of the bottles I helped embellish being displayed as centerpieces at tables.  Check out this post to see more embellished upcycle wine bottles.

I wish I had taken a picture of the actual photo backdrop Kathy's husband had built!  They nailed wood pallets together dropped fabric and a banner and there were props in a bucket beside the backdrop.

I enjoyed watching people take picture in front of it and also partaking in the photo fun!

As I get older, so do all of my younger cousins.

I love this man.

Happy 25th Anniversary Tita Joy and Tito Chuck.  You two look so stunning together and I'm so thankful to have you two in my life.  Your continuous love inspires me in my own marriage.

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  1. Love u too guys !!! don't forget to invite us on your 25th!!!

  2. I held an event here, and it couldn't have gone any smoother. An infinite list of food items were there. The wedding venues staff and manager were excellent. As an event coordinator, they made my job extremely easy.