How to: Pic-Tap-Go App

PicTapGo is my favorite and most used app on my iPhone.  I take tons of pictures on my phone and this app helps me touch up my photos to make them really stand out.

One thing I really love about this app is that it allows you to place a filter on top of another filter

This app is one of the only paid apps that I have.  With the price only at $1.99 it is totally worth buying.

So in case you were curious, this app has helped me edit many of the photographs featured on my blog!

How to: Pic-Tap-Go App 

When you open the app you can view the pictures on your phone.

Select one that you would like to edit.

Then comes the fun yet difficult part, which is choosing the filters.  There are so many to choose from that it may be really hard.  But like I said, this app allows you to choose more than one filter to layer on top of each other.

So this was my filter "recipe" for this photo.
1. Original
2. Brightside
3. Sweet Tooth
4. Air

When you are choosing filters, you can easily go back to the previous filter.  
You can also tap onto the picture to compare the original picture to the filtered picture.

Here is the end result of the recipe:

                           Original                                                                          Filtered

I highly recommend this app especially if you were looking for an user friendly app that produces beautiful photos.

Check out the iTunes App Store for more info!

Filter happy,
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