Summer Adventure: Rustic 25th Anniversary

Summer Adventure: July 10th

One thing I love about my family is that I have many relatives who live nearby, so get togethers are yearly events. I always look forward to spending time with my relatives because they are quite a lively bunch!

This summer was my Tita (aunt) Joy and Tito (uncle) Chuck's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  So to celebrate this tremendous milestone they invited everyone to wear white and attend their ceremony and reception.

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Summer Catch-Up

There's nothing better then feeling settled back into the groove of things.

So many amazing events happened these past couple of weeks that has made me realize how fast my summer is going!

In two weeks I juggled feeling under the weather, working at a Tech Camp, celebrating anniversaries (both of others and my own), turning another year older, traveling all over Canada to spend time with family.  

I am so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences and hope to share them in future posts.

Here's a recap since I've been on hiatus. 

July 10th: 25th Wedding Anniversary for my Aunt and Uncle (Tita Joy and Tito Chuck, love you!)

It's amazing to be able to celebrate long-lasting love with family and friends.  It was a beautiful ceremony of renewing their vows and then a fun feast of a celebration afterwards. 
I luckily was able to help with some of the decorations so I hope to share how their reception space looked soon!

July 15th, Daytime: Last Day teaching at iDTech Camp & My Birthday

Although I am glad to be able to relax for the summer, it was an incredible experience to teach at this camp.  

The campers that attended were so resilient in their skills with technology.  But what really blew me away was the staff.  

In such a short amount of time that I spent with them, I never felt so welcomed so quickly before.  Each counselor and director brought their own skills and talent into the camp and it made working there so enjoyable.  I definitely miss working with them, but I hope it won't be the last time I see them.

(Yes, my camp counselor name was Coconut!)

It was a bittersweet last day teaching at iDTech Camp for the summer and the staff gave me a celebratory birthday send-off.  It was already pre-determined that I would get pied in the face that day.

Here's the video!

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July 15th, Evening: Birthday Surprises

Zach threw a surprise birthday dinner for me at one of my favorite sushi restaurants.  

I initially thought my birthday would be spent with just him and I but when we arrived to the restaurant, my friends were sitting at a table with menus covering their faces and surprised me!

Tons of sushi, sake bombs, and a fried ice cream later... we continued the celebration by watching The Secret Life of Pets in the movie theaters which I LOVED!

July 16th - July 23rd: Road Trip Vacation throughout Canada. 

What an exciting, exhausting, and amazing road trip.

Our stops included Montreal, Toronto, and Ontario.  I am grateful to have had Zach by my side to enjoy the company of my crazy, loud, but loving family!

More about this trip soon!

July 24th: Celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary.

8 years since the first day we met.

Who would have thought that going to that 4th of July party (that I didn't want to go to at all.) would bring me the man of my dreams.  

7 and half years since we first started dating.

2 years since he proposed.

1 year since we said "I do!".

And to many more years together.

So happy to have spent a good portion of my lifetime with Zach.  

We've learned a lot, we've grown a lot, and we've loved a lot.  

I can't wait to see what's in store for us in the future.

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How to: Pic-Tap-Go App

PicTapGo is my favorite and most used app on my iPhone.  I take tons of pictures on my phone and this app helps me touch up my photos to make them really stand out.

One thing I really love about this app is that it allows you to place a filter on top of another filter

This app is one of the only paid apps that I have.  With the price only at $1.99 it is totally worth buying.

So in case you were curious, this app has helped me edit many of the photographs featured on my blog!

How to: Pic-Tap-Go App 

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OODP: Red, White, & Blue

(Outfits of Dear Paradise)
OODP: Red, White, & Blue

Happy 4th of July!  
Such a great time to celebrate and be thankful for our freedom.
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