Weekend Adventure

I just had my first experience traveling alone.  This past Saturday, I caught a train to Philly to participate in a Regional Training for a summer camp I will be working for this summer.

I was super anxious all this past week to be traveling because I for one don't like traveling alone.  I'm the type of person who has to know exactly where I'm going, be familiar with the area, and be able to be in control.  But that is the beauty of traveling is that it is an adventure and I was going somewhere unexpected and out of my control.

But reflecting on my weekend, I have to say that this was such an incredible, energizing, and inspiring experience. I learned a lot more about the summer camp,  more about others, and most importantly of all, more about myself.

These are my traveling reflections / realizations / thoughts (whatever you want to call them):

1. Traveling alone helps you become an independent problem solving adventurer.

2. Make new friends.  You will be amazed and how much you learn just by introducing yourself and talking to them. 

3. Not everyone has the same passion but passion drives everyone.

4. Inspiration can come after the fact, give yourself time to reflect on past events.

5. You can change the world.

6. It always feels nice to hold the door for someone or for someone to hold the door for you.

7. There are so many genuine, unique, and friendly people in the world.  I wish the media shared more of these people.

8. Beauty is everywhere, the fun part is finding it.

9. You're never too young or old to do something your passionate about.  It's all about mind set and just doing it!

10. Home means so much more when you're away from it.

Adventures are exhausting, but I've gained so much from these two jam packed days.  
Thank you to loved ones who always support me (even when I was unpleasant), the new friendships I've made (even if you were just holding the door), and the future adventures and friends I will soon meet one day!

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