Mid-Year Goal Review

Mid-Year Goal Review

We are halfway through 2016.  

I can't believe how fast these months have gone by.  This is my last week of school and everyday I feel like I'm "on-the-go" with something I need to do.  

When I was going through my planner, I stopped by on my "Goals for 2016" page and started to reflect upon how successful I have been with each of these goals.  

This is where I am:

I did hold a yard sale  a month ago and was able to let go of many things by finding new homes for them.  I've done well even after the yard sale, using Facebook groups as my source of sales.

My blog
I started out this year with the goal of posting maybe twice a month, but then I decided to increase it to once a week, which then increased to twice a week.  I've found a real passion in blogging.  It's the perfect combination of writing and sharing photographs with others.  Plus a great way to document life.

I would say this goal was really specific and I initially though it was unsuccessful considering I wasn't watching and learning through Youtube dance videos.  

But one life goal I was able to accomplish was teaching hip hop.  I held an after school club once a week and taught second and third grade girls choreography I created.  I currently am working on a project where I am teaching adults choreography.  (Future blog soon!)

This goal was suppose to be focused on learning how to use a DSLR camera.  I mainly use my iPhone to take pictures, but I feel like I've been pretty successful in learning how to capture more focused pictures and how to edit them to get the perfect vibe from them.

Guitar & Ukulele
I definitely haven't really touched on these goals.  For several months I needed to restring my ukulele and Zach was able to restring it a week ago. Hopefully later this year or during the summer I can pick it up.

Debt & Savings
I have to say that I really have to thank my husband for this goal.  He has really helped me get financially in tune with how to budget our money wisely while still enjoying life.  Currently I have no credit card debt and I am successfully paying down student loans while saving money.

A place to call Home
Zach and I decided that we needed to wait another year before really looking for a house.  We want to be financially ready and in a good place with our jobs.  Hopefully early next year we can start the process.

Scoring Goals,
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