Memoirs of a Teacher

As much as I countdown to those "no alarm" days, this last week at school has become bittersweet.  Some things I won't miss (like bringing home workbut there are many that I will miss.

As I reflect on my years of teaching, I've found these six important things that has kept me going even through the most stressful of times:

Create a classroom culture that makes you proud.
I've never felt such a connection as I do with my group of kiddos this year.  We have basically become this "school family" that will laugh, cry, yell, but love through our time together.  I've never gotten so emotional saying good bye to my kids today (and it wasn't even the last day.)

Take pride in your student's progress.
Yes, there are still many skills, content, lessons that you needed or wanted to teach.  But take a moment and really think back to the first day of school compared to now.  Those kids have really grown and it's because of you.

(Photo via Steph P.)
Embrace your co-workers.
I could not think of a better staff than the one at my school.  From administration, teachers, and school personnel, we are all there fighting the good fight together and most importantly doing it for the kids.  Be sure to thank each other for the support through the year, even if it was just saying "hello" as you past by in the hallway.

Enjoy the time off.
I know many teachers and school staff (including myself) will not have the entire summer completely free.  We have summer jobs or professional developments to attend.  But take some days where you don't even have to wake up to an alarm.  And when you do wake up your hardest decision will be whether to sit and binge watch all day or lay by the pool.

Energize yourself for next school year.
Before you know it, the almost 2 months (yes, it's about that much) of time off will be over.  Take this time to energize by doing things you love and want to do.  You know what I'm talking about, those things that you wish you could do during the school year.  This is the time to take that cruise or take a road trip across country.

Plan to improve.
This could relate to next school year or personal goals.  I have so many goals for the summer that it could take up this whole post! In short, You do you.

Dear teacher friends,
You worked hard, 
You stressed hard,
You laughed hard,
You loved hard,
now relax... (hard if you want)
your photo name

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