Favorites: June Goodies 2016

Favorites of the Month
June Goodies - 2016

Camera Post-it Note Dispenser via Target
How cute is this?!  Post-it note dispensers are so useful for people who use post-it notes often!  It's weighted bottom keeps it secure on a table as you pull out the post-it notes.  Just be sure you buy the alternating kind post-its and not the classic stick kind of post it notes.

Craft Mug via gift (found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store)

One of my teammates (a.k.a teacher co-worker) gave me this at the end of the school year! I am so in love with this mug because it's so perfect!

On the back there's a glue gun that leads to the wording on the front.  On the inside of the mug there's hidden paint and brushes.

Heidi Swapp Lightbox via Amazon

I've been eyeing this lightbox since my good friend Sara, told me about it.  I finally jumped the gun and bought one with a bunch of accessories to go with it.  There are different letterings offered that you can get to really personalize your own lightbox.

This piece makes a great backdrop for pictures and will most likely be featured in future post in the blog!  You can insert batteries or plug it in to light it up.  

Feel free to share some of your favorite goodies from June!

Happy June!
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