OODP: Plaid Shirt & Combat Boots

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OODP: Plaid Shirt & Combat Boots

Even thought it's May, the weather here has been so fickle.  It can't decide whether to stay warm or cold.  For a whole week it rained until this day when the sun finally decided to peek out and give a little warmth to the weather. (Luckily, I didn't have to wear a jacket most of this day.)

This inspired outfit can honestly be worn year round.  There's nothing more classic/country/homey than the look of your favorite plaid button down shirt, favorite jeans, and favorite boots.

Many plaid shirts that come out are usually around fall time and are made out of flannel material.  One thing I love about this one is that it's not.  It's a light fabric that keeps enough warmth on your skin even in cooler weather. (And by cooler I mean 60 degrees or so.)

My favorite types of jeans are jeggings (a.k.a. jean leggings).  But, only the kind where the jean material still feels like jeans and look like jeans.  

These combat boots have taken a beating and still look so good.  I've worn these babies in the snow, rain, mud, etc.  If you really wanted to you could even fold down the tops to give a more edgy look.

1.  Plaid Shirt via Roots (a company from Canada).  Similar ones here.

2. Jean Leggings (my favorite pairs) via Express.  Similar ones here.

3. Combat Boots via I honestly don't remember!  But you can find similar ones here.

What are your favorite pieces to wear?

The weather is cool so I'm feeling cool and looking cool,
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