How To: Fluff Gift Tissue Paper

I use to work at a Hallmark for five years during my undergrad years and early on into my teaching career.  Although my store never had a "gift-wrapping" service, I always enjoyed helping last minute shoppers buy and wrap their gifts as they were on their way to their event.  

One trick I've learned is how to quickly fluff and stuff tissue paper into gift bags.  I like to say it's one of the talents that I possess!  

So here is a quick and easy how-to when fluffing and stuffing gift tissue paper.  
You too can do it like a pro!

1) Flatten gift tissue paper by unfolding it and laying it out.

2) Fold tissue paper as shown below, making sure none of the corners overlap.

3) Pinch at the middle of the fold.

4) Give a quick snap and fluff
Just snap the tissue out like you were shaking something off of it and 
hold it up pulling at the different corners and flaps to fluff it out.

5) Stuff. 
Place in a gift bag, 
coordinate with other color tissue paper, 
and style it how you like!

Wa-la! Fluffy tissue paper!  
Feeling like a pro yet?

Fluff up a gift near you!
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  1. Thanks for sharing! This totally brings back tons of memories! Oh, what fun it was working there. ;)

    1. Exactly! Sometimes I just wanted an excuse to fluff tissues by volunteering to do display bags! Hahaha!

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