DIY: Flower Pen

DIY: Flower Pen
(A quick, easy, and adorable DIY you can even do with kids!)

I was trying to think of a cute Mother's Day craft for my students to do this year that was different than the typical paper craft.  That's when I was inspired by one of my teammates. (Thanks Kim!) She had her kids create flower pens to gift for their mothers or grandmothers for Mother's Day!  

I taught my students how to do this craft in small groups and they were so delighted with their finished products! 

This DIY is also useful if you have random pens that could use some sprucing up to bring more life to them! 

So here are the steps in making your very own flower pen!

  • Pen
  • Fabric Tape (14 inch strip)
  • Flower (silk of your choosing!)
  • Tape
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

1. Cut the flower off stem.
Leave about 1-2 inches of stem still attached.

2. Tape the flower stem to the end of the pen.
I used scotch tape but you can use stronger tape or hot glue to attach the stem, but scotch tape seemed to work well.

3. Peel and stick the fabric tape over the end of the pen and flower stem.  
Covering any part of the pen or scotch tape and then Cut.

4. Stick diagonally the fabric tape and start wrapping downward around the pen.

5. Push down any extra bubbles or folds in the fabric.

Wa-la! Now you have your very own flower pen!

I have created so many of these for Mother's Day weekend and plenty more just for my own personal use! It's just too cute and easy to make!

Stay crafty my friends!
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