Be Inspired: 40 Fun Things to Do!

As I am growing deep into my late 20's, I noticed that I have been leaning towards activities that are outside of the whole "bar scene".  

Call it "getting old", "maturing", or whatever else,  but I prefer doing other (out of the box) activities with my group of friends!  

So I wanted to compile a list of activities/places (In alphabetical order btdubs because it looks so pretty that way.) that you can do/visit with all the people you enjoy being around!

So ready? Get set, go do something fun!

1. Amusement Park
2. Arcade
3. Aquarium
4. Beach 
5. Bingo
6. Board Game Nights
7. Bon-fire
8. Book Clubs
9. Bowling
10. Laser Tag

11. Camping
12. Canoeing/Kayaking
13. Carnival/Fair/Festival
14. Casino
15. Concert 
16. Cookout
17. Comedy Club
18. Craft Night
19. Dinner (fancy/casual)
20. Dinner Theatre

(Just a typical jam session.)

21. Escape Room
22. Factory Tours
23. Flea Market/Yard Sale
24. Hang out at someone's house/apartment
25. Hiking
26. Jam Session
27. Karaoke
28. Mini-Golf
29. Movies
30. Murder Mysteries

31. Museum
32. Park
33. Picnic
34. Pot luck celebration (Friendsgiving, birthdays)
35. Shopping/Window Shopping
36. Sporting Event
37. Theatre - Musicals/Plays
38. Video Games
39. Wine Tastings/Breweries
40. Zoo

What is your favorite activity to do with friends? Share in the comments below!

Enjoy the ones you are with!
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  1. Thanks for sharing, these are great ideas! I'll definitely have to try some!

    My Name is Sara

  2. Love your site !!!
    Any suggestions for a rustic, relaxed with elegance 25th wedding anniversary party???!! ����

    Your bestest Tita ;))

    1. Thanks so much Tita Joy! I do actually have a couple ideas! =D