10 Things I Learned About Marriage

Zach (my husband) and I lucky enough to have two wonderful sets of parents that are so supportive to our relationship. We currently are living with my parents in order to save money for a house of our own.  

At first, the idea of moving back with my parents as newlyweds had me running the opposite way.  But, it became clear that this would be the best idea ever.

Long story short, living with my parents has actually been really wonderful.  Not only are we saving an incredible amount of money but I've also been learning some valuable key lessons in living a happy married life.  

I wanted to share what I've learned with you to inspire you in your relationship:

1. Communicate.

This is still one area I personally am working on.  I have to remember that Zach can't read my mind all the time (even if I wish he could).  I have to be clear and specific when I speak and try not to close up on sharing how I feel about something.

2. Accept and encourage each other's interests.

Zach and I share many same interests but our differences really make our relationship strong.  Zach is very much into anything dealing with sports.   So I'll try my best to follow up on important games he watches or celebrate with him when his team wins a game. 

I have a more creative-style interests.  Zach is such a huge supporter of my blog and he reads every post I write even if they aren't necessarily his interest.  He even helps me take pictures for my OODP posts.

3. Have dinner together as much as possible.

I am always concerned about what we will do for dinner if we know we are not eating with my parents.  We usually try to plan out our meal the day before or even the hours before.  Or if it's a busy night, we'll pick up dinner for each other.

Don't be on your phone especially if you're out to dinner at a restaurant.  Occasionally I'll pull mine out to take pictures but the whole point is to enjoy each others company through food and conversation.

4. Make time for at least one "date night" a week.

We try to take time to go out somewhere to run an errand or get ice cream.
Date nights could Even be having date nights "in".  Sometimes we'll take time to watch something together even if it's just an episode of something.  

5. Do things that make the other happy.

These could be little things.  
I don't like taking out the trash so Zach does it.  
I'll make sure to put things back in their original spot because Zach likes when things are tidy.  
Small things like that.

6. Understand the fine line between joking and being serious.

Zach and I love to joke, but sometimes when we're stressed or concentrated on work that joking seems inappropriate at the time.  If we ever cross the line we quickly apologize for it and find a way to be supportive to one another.

7. Sing with each other.

This is probably my favorite thing that Zach and I do together.  We usually do this in the car whenever we're going somewhere.  Music is such a big interest for us both so we belt out hearts out to our favorite tunes!  One day I'm going to have to record our sing sessions!

8. Even after a rough day, try to do something small for each other.

Sure, your day did not go the way you wanted according to plans a, b, all the way to Z! But, that doesn't mean your partner had any easier day.  A small gesture can go a long way to brighten anyones day.

9. Keep work talk positive or limit the negativity.

As a teacher, it's nearly impossible to keep "work" at work.  There are lessons to be planned, paperwork to be written up, assignments to be graded, students to worry about, and the list goes on.  I am the type of person to take everything to heart so it's so hard for me to "keep work at work".  

But it wasn't until one time, Zach and I were having dinner and just going off on a complete complaining streak about our jobs.  My Dad had got home and walked into the kitchen getting food and listening to us.  He made us realize that we should be grateful for the jobs we had and that it is not helpful to only talk about the negative aspects of it.  We quickly realized that we were talking negatively often and quickly changed that.

10. It's okay NOT to do everything together.

This I think Zach and I got down.  I am always on my computer either doing school work, reading blogs, online "window" shopping, or watching videos on YouTube.  Zach loves sports and there always seems to be some sort of game on TV.  Obviously, I have no interest in sports so we tend to spend our after-work time doing our own thing.

But that's okay.  What's so lovely about this is, we're in the same room doing what we love and we can still interact with each other with a smile, or a tap of the arm.

It is incredible how much I've learned about myself by being with Zach.  
I am so thankful to have him in my life and to have our families be so supportive.  

Loving and learning through marriage,
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  1. Loved reading this! Communication is definitely something I need to work on. Thank you for sharing these, Jenny! :-)


    1. Of course! Thanks for reading! =)