OODP: Ladies Night-In Outfit

(Outfits of Dear Paradise)
OODP: Ladies Night-In Outfit

There's just something about a good pair of leggings that helps you easily spring into your day and then chill and relax at night.  When I found these mint leggings, I just had to have them!   

Getting ready for a girl's night in, I wanted to be comfy AND cute! (This seems to be my trend.)  I wanted to test out these new leggings along with my new TOMS, which I am so in love with the design!

The leggings are so soft but a tad longer so I had to cuff them at the bottom.  But, I'm use to that being a little shorter than 5'2". (Shout out to the shorties out there!)

The TOMS' printing on the cream canvas has the words "inspiration" and "inspire" decorated all over.  There are also fun little doodles on them too!

1. Fringed Aztec Print Infinity Scarf via Charlotte Russe. Similar one here.

2. Grey Sweater-like Shirt via Massimo (Target). Similar one here.

3. OS (one size) Mint Leggings via LuLaRoe. If you know someone who sells LuLaRoe definitely try asking them for these leggings! If not there are similar ones here.

4. Be Inspired Women's Classics via TOMS 

What is your go-to piece that's cute and comfy?

Be who you were "mint" to be!
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  1. Love this outfit, especially the leggings, I love that colour so much right now!!


  2. Thanks Lii! I know I can't get enough "mint" in my life!