How To: Start a Coupon Binder

Do you love the feeling of buying something NOT at retail price?  I do! I get such a rush from it!  I LOVE shopping but if I can buy something on sale or for a good deal I LOVE even more!

Whenever someone sees my coupon binder I either get one of two reactions. A look of amazement or a look of you are insane! (I take both looks as compliments!)

So I decided to share how I put together my coupon binder!

How to: Start a Coupon Binder
(For aspiring "extreme coupons" or if you just want a better way to organize your coups.)

  • Staples Better Mini 1-Inch D 3-Ring View Binder (via Staples
    • Note: This binder is smaller than a regular size binder (5.5 x 8.5 inches)
  • Staples 3 Pocket, Heavy-Duty Coupon Pages (via Staples) 
  • Post-it 1" Flags, Alternating Electric Glow Colors (via Staples)
  • Number Stickers or Sharpie
  • Coupon Booklets (via Newspaper, circulars, & online)

1. Gather materials ~ I originally bought a cheaper plaster binder but after a couple uses the binding tore and the cover ripped off.

Staples Better Binders is seriously better.  They have such a sturdy binding that it is almost impossible for the binder to tear apart.  Staples even backs up how well their binders hold up by ensuring that they will replace your binder if it were to break.

The coupon pages too are so heavy duty, I have yet to have one rip and I've had my coupon binder for two years now.  They can hold multiple coupons in the same pocket. (The most a pocket has held in my binder is about 10 coupons, but I probably could have fit even more.)

2. Place sleeves in binder ~ Pretty self-explanatory.

3. Create a coupon category key ~ This part is important.  Decide how you want your coupons to be categorized.  I used the post-it flags to help color coordinate the sections. 

Pink = Store Specific Coupons
Blue = Main courses & Side dishes
Orange = Snacks & other food goods
Yellow = Personal Care Products
Green = Household Products

(Feel free to use my key as a model!)

  • Tip: Have a printed out copy of your key to keep in your binder, so that you will remember what the sections are.

4. Place post-it flags in a "tab-like" fashion ~ Placing the tabs to look like dividers makes it easier for you to flip right to the section of coupons you need.
  • Tip: Stick the post-it note on the back of the coupon sleeve, that way it is easier for you to pull and open the top coupon sleeve.

5. Number your sections ~ I used number stickers I had lying around but you could also use a sharpie!

6. Cut your coupons and organize into sleeves ~ This can be a fun yet time-consuming process.  

  • Tip: You can overlap your coupons to save space. 

7. Personalize ~ Design a cover to slip into the front plastic.  Add an extra velcro pocket sleeve to hold pen and such.

8. Admire your new coupon binder ~ Stare at it, pet it, take a selfie with it, but most importantly be sure to bring it with you to use it at the grocery store! 

When you first bring and use your coupon binder to the store, it may seem awkward at first, but trust me once you start seeing the savings the awkwardness goes away quickly.  You'll also start to notice so many other people that coupon too! (And have bigger binders!)

Let me know how your coupon endeavors go! 
Also if you use a different system! I'd love to hear your ideas!

Keep calm and coupon on!
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  1. Thanks for sharing dear !! I was looking something to arrange my coupons and this post is perfect :) Have a great day lovely ! x

    1. Thanks so much Ambi! I was hoping this post would be helpful! :)

  2. Hey Jenny! Starting my binder. How many pages did u use?

  3. Hey Lia!
    I have 50 pages in my binder but currently 14 are not being used. They switch out depending on the types of coupons I get. Sometimes one section will require more than one sleeve to hold the different coupons. I hope that helps!