Favorites: April Goodies 2016

Favorites of the Month
April Goodies - 2016

I honestly don't do it on purpose, but this month's favorite has a white/cream theme to it.

1. Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive via Best Buy

I take tons of photos, collect new music, and create various digital files for work or for fun so it's pretty clear that I need extra storage. 

The last external hard drive I owned was connected to files that were on my old PC.  Since I've completely converted into a dedicated Mac user, my old external hard drive was no longer compatible with the Mac operating system.  So that's when I started researching new external hard drives.

Left: New external hard drive / Right: Old external hard drive
After I purchased this white Seagate version, my jaw dropped once I opened the box.  The SIZE of this baby is so portable.  My iPhone 6 PLUS is actually BIGGER than this hard drive!  Plus it holds 2TB of storage space (the old hard drive only held 1TB) and the clean white look of it just made it absolutely perfect!

2. Be Inspired Women's TOMS via TOMS

I can get pretty particular when I go shoe shopping.  Other than boots (for cold weather), sandals (for warm weather), and sneakers (for dance), I have a hard time finding shoes that look cute and feel good to wear.

I love the way TOMS look and feel!  They are so comfy and come in cute styles PLUS the company helps people in need in a variety of ways.

When I saw these TOMS while virtually window shopping one day I knew I had to have them.  Just their name alone "Be Inspired" was telling me that they were meant to be! 

(Sneak peek to the next OODP)

3. Cream Crochet Overlay Canvas Weekender Bag via Target 
(Check out other styles here.)
Of course I knew I'd be in trouble once I set foot inside of a Target.  I usually try to avoid looking at the bags because I know I own way too many to count.  

I was with a friend and we were just walking through trying to figure out what we would need for a cruise we are going on in the summer and stumbled across a huge selection of Weekender bags!

Long story short, she found the perfect one and I found a perfect one!  The cream crochet just makes this bag looks so elegant and exciting!  I can't wait to try this beauty out on my next weekend trip to the beach!

These favorite goodies just s"creamed" at me! (*cue punny music*)

What are your April favorites?

Happy April!
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  1. Great post! I have one of the seagate portable hard-drives as well. They are great!! Carrying it with me all the time :)


    1. Ahh so so great! I haven't been carrying mine around yet because I usually have a small thumb drive instead. But that's such a great idea! It is portable enough.

  2. Replies
    1. It's so big in person too! I definitely think I should be able to fit everything (hopefully).

  3. I love this post! That bag is so cute! & I definitely need to look into that hard drive!

    1. Thanks Lauren! And yes the bag is my new fav for traveling (lightly) and the hard drive is soo cute and functional!