How to: Remove Sticky Labels

Ever fall in love with the shape of the glass jar or bottle you were "using" (aka eating or drinking) and wanted to save to repurpose it?  

Look no further! I'll share some tips to help get rid of those pesky labels!

Step 1: Peel the sticker off! 
Step 2: You're done.

.... just kidding! 

We all know that some labels peel off so easily while others are... for a nicer word more "stubborn".  So now onto the real tips to remove "stubborn" labels! See below:

How to Remove Sticky Labels:
(off of glass)

    Empty Bucket
    Hot Water
    Paper Towels
    Goo Gone
    Glass "something" (jar/bottle/bowl/etc.)


1.  Fill the bucket with VERY hot water, I just used hot water from my kitchen faucet.

2. Submerge the wine bottle so all labels can soak. (Note: I had to use a large book to lay over top of the opening of the bucket to keep the wine bottle submerged.)

3. Wait about 25 - 40 minutes depending how big or how many labels are on the glass.  (A good way to tell is to inspect the labels and see if the water has soaked through.)

4. Rub the label while submerged underwater.  I just used my thumb (didn't have to use my nails at all.) to rub off the labels.

5. Rinse bottle clean under faucet.

6. Pour some Goo Gone onto a paper towel and rub the outside of the glass where the label was, to remove any remnants of stickiness.

7. Wash the bottle clean and dry.

Wa-la!  Now you have a good as new glass jar or bottle ready 
for repurpose/crafting/drinking/you name it!

Let me know if these "tips" really worked for you!

Bye, bye, bye sticky labels!
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