How to: Gift for a 30th Birthday

For a friend's 30th birthday, me and my friend, Nicole, decided to get 30 individual gifts to celebrate her birthday!

One thing I love about gift giving, is not only finding "perfect" treasures for people but also watching their reactions as they open them!

I had done this idea before for my sister-in-law and she loved it!  So with me and Nicole's creative juices we spent a day shopping at our favorite places to find the perfect gifts.

How to: Gift for a 30th Birthday
(This can be done with any birthday age!)

  • 30 gifts (depends on the age and giftee - person you're giving the gift to)
  • matching gift wrap and supplies (we chose two different patterns)
  • Sharpies (various colors)
  • Paper & Pen (to create a numbered list)

1. Set a budget ~ This is really important.  You can easily get caught buying a lot of cute stuff but end up paying an arm and leg.

2. Make a game plan for shopping ~ Decide which stores you want to visit ahead of time.  (Example = If you're buying for a crafter: plan to go to a craft store.)

These are just a few places we went to:

3. Go shopping ~ This may seem like the easiest part, but trying to find 30 separate things under a budget was hard. 

4. Keep a running total of how many items you have bought ~ You can record it on your phone or if you have a steel trap then just remember it.

5. Organize and Order the gifts ~ We laid every piece of item on the floor.  This helped us recount the total amount and group items together if we needed to. 

Once all the items were out and organized, we then ordered them by size, theme, and importance.

6. Make a list in number order ~ This will be a life saver to you as you are wrapping! 

We also recorded the price for each gift. This helped us understand how much we really spent. (And how much we went over our budget.)

7. Start wrapping ~ Luckily since there were two of us, we split up the wrapping.
I wrapped all of the odd number gifts and Nicole wrapped all of the even number gifts.  
This helpful in alternating the gift wrap we wanted to use.

8. Number each gift as you wrap ~ Making the list in step 7 kept us in order of the things we wrapped. (We even had a little fun writing the numbers!)

9. Pack all gifts in a gift bag ~ Here's a tip: Make your gift bag (We bought a cute reusable bag) as gift #1, that way your giftee will open that first!

Wa-la!  Now you're ready for gift giving!!

10. Enjoy watching your giftee's reaction ~ This was our favorite part!  Our friend LOVED the fact that there was an order in opening and she adored every gift.

What are your gifting tricks and tips? I'd love to hear them!

Happy Gifting!
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  1. Love your post!Oh and the gifts :)

  2. I've given and received gift bundles like this and loved it! It's so fun to shop for little gifts!

    1. I agree! It just makes gift giving so enjoyable!

  3. This is such a lovely idea, I'm sure your friend loved all 30 of her presents!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

    1. Thank you Eleanor! And she definitely was overwhelmed! But in a good way.