How to: Deal with a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's unavoidable.
It's starts off with getting up a little late...
then forgetting to do something important...
and soon it snowballs into a set of events and situations 
that seem to build up into a giant spiraling mess!

Some people call this having a bad day...
But, being a teacher, I call it having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Yesterday, was one of those days... but something miraculous happened.
I didn't cry, I didn't yell, I didn't huff or puff (and blow a house down).

I realized that I took some extra (almost subconscious) steps 
to help me deal with this type of day.

Here's what I did and how you can get through it too!

Breathe and have alone time.
Sometimes just getting some space alone can just help you center yourself.

via: Healthy Place

Go on with your day as you had planned.
If you're at work, do your job.  Don't take it out on others because they may depend on you. Sticking with your normal routine will also help put your day back in order.

Vent to someone.
Sometimes talking it out to someone helps relieve some of the stress.  
They can even offer advice or just a comforting head nod about your situation.

via: Live Life Happy

Deal with the problem head on.
If you can, just deal with it.  Figure out how you can fix the problem. 
Nail in tire? Take it to the shop.  

Laugh about it.
There are worst things that could happen and in the end it'll be a funny story to tell later.

via: BuzzFeed

Eat food.
Ever heard of being "hangry" (hungry + angry)? Avoid that by not skipping out on meals.  
You need the energy and you'll be a more pleasant person to be around.

Snack or drink something with chocolate.
Not only do you need "real" food for sustenance, but don't forget to treat yourself as well.  Chocolate is an instant pick-me-up.

Write about it.
Write about your day on a post it note then crumple it up and throw into the recycling bin (let's be earth friendly here).  Or you could blog about it!

Listen to music.
Listen to any music that soothes you.  A good go-to is "Let it Go" by James Bay.  
Though the lyrics may not fit your situation, you can still relate to the main point of the song.

via: Youtube

Lay under the covers.
It's the way the blankets lay perfectly on your body or the way the pillow hugs your head that can put you at ease.

Cuddle with something or someone.
Take your pick: spouse, significant other, pet, or stuffed animal.  Wrapping your arms around someone or something and holding on tight can help with tension release.

via: BuzzFeed

Do something you love.
Do you have a hobby? Do it! 
Even if it means laying on your couch watching some episodes on Netflix.

My good friend Sara, from My Name is Sara, has some great tips on how to keep calm that can also help you get through your day.

In the end, you will be so proud of yourself for "adulting" and making it through the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Be strong,
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  1. These are great tips, Jenny! I like to hide under the covers while eating chocolate!

    My Name is Sara

    1. Love it! Combining the tips together! How efficient! =)

  2. Great tips! I like to write about it and eat really dark chocolate, and drink a lot of tea!! :)

    1. That just sounds so wonderful! Drinking tea is another great tip. Thanks Lii!

  3. Love these tips! I have a bunch of breathing exercises that I sometimes try, and then chocolate also always seems to help! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    - Lauren

    1. Thank you Lauren! The breathing exercises sound really interesting! Do they work well?