Favorites: March Links

Reflecting back on this month of March, I feel ike I've been so productive.  I've really dedicated time to working on this blog even amongst the craziness of teaching demands, grad school assignments, and life.  With all the work I've been putting into blogging, it feels almost like a second job... but honestly, I love doing it!

Through my many internet surfing sessions throughout this month I found some really fun and funny things and websites that I would love to share.
Here are some of my favorites from this month:

Favorite meme via Whisper

My husband originally showed me this meme.  We both are such pizza fanatics (and love Tay Tay fanatics too!)  I just couldn't stop laughing (and singing) at this meme!

Favorite eye-candy office supplies via Poppin
(I will eventually own every piece of mint office supplies...)

Can we say that this website is basically office supply heaven!? No matter what the color pallet of your office is, I'm pretty sure you can find something on this website that you will want to order instantly!

Favorite song: Hollow/Let it Go - Tori Kelly & James Bay 2016 Grammy Performance via Youtube

I know this was back in February, but I can't help but re-listen to this live performance.  Tori Kelly and James Bay are two of my current favorite artists. They both have such unique styles that when they collaborated on this performance I was completely floored.  I really hope that they eventually record this mash-up again or work on a song together in the future!

Favorite website via 16Personalities
(Really cool personality test!)

This website is super fun!  It's a FREE personality test that takes up to 12 minutes to complete.  All you have to do is just answer the questions honestly.  (Some of the questions were difficult for me because I'm such a thinker that I would try to convince myself that I was one way versus the other in certain situations.

When you finally get your results it really dives into different aspects of your personality from your personal drive, love life, and friendships.

The link above is my own personal personality so if you take it please share what you personality is! =)

Happy March!
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  1. I am completely in love with stationary. So difficult to not buy every single thing I come across to :D

    1. My thoughts exactly!!! Why stick with "regular" when you can get something that's functional AND cute!