Favorites: March 2016

Favorites of the Month 
via Target

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I have been eyeing this quilt for awhile!  We didn't have a cute comforter for our bed for so when I saw this I fell in love!  

The mint color was the first to catch my eye. The second was the fact that this quilt is reversible with two very cute prints! (one is striped and the other a medallion print.)

They actually have these bins in different sizes and colors as well. I have the extra small and small both in mint. Still debating whether I should grab the larger sizes too to match.

The plastic is really sturdy and the weave look makes it look so unique.

3. Greenroom Recycled Sticky Notes

These I just happened to stumble upon on a random shelf by a "price checker".  
There were different designs, but this was the cutest of course.  
The best part is that it was on clearance! (Sorry if you were looking for these.)

4. Mint Dipped Wood Pencils 

I spotted these cuties in the "Dollar Spot".  Even if you can't find these exact ones, I guarantee you will find something just as cute or even better in this section! 

Target seriously knows what's up though. They strategically placed this section right as you walk in so you have to grab a basket and buy more than you planned on.  (Sneaky Target... very sneaky...)

These favorite things were just "mint" to be! (*cue punny music*)

With so much excite-mint,
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've been so obsessed with mint things!

  2. I miss Target so much for things like these! Love all the minty details!

    1. Target is seriously one of my favorite places ever! The fact that more and more things are coming out in mint makes me want to own them all!