Be Inspired: 15 Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Are you a sticky (post-it) note addict? I am not ashamed to admit that I am!

They are such a great way to leave yourself reminders and take notes of important (or just as important) things.

But did you know there is a secret untapped world of other uses for sticky notes?  

Below I have gathered so many inspiring ways to use sticky notes.'

So get ready and be inspired:

1. Origami Post-it box via luckymonkeygarage

2. Post-It Note Floral Wall Decor via Curious

3. 3-D Cube via Krokotak

4. Mini Easel via Agus Yornet

5. Organization Center via The Things I Love Most

6. Travel Coloring Case via Family Fresh Meals

7. Superhero Murals via GIZMODO

8. Origami Icosahedron (didn't realized this was an actual shape) via Pavelos

9. Menu Planner via Homemade by Carmona

10. Decorative gift wrap via Pretty Designs

11. Seating Chart via Something Turquoise
(I did this idea for my wedding! It was so helpful!)

12. Lampshade via FAB DIY

13. Clipboards (for post-its) via First Grade a la Carte

14. Calendar via Martha Stewart

15. Secret Safe via Curious
(This one is my favorite!)

I love sticky notes! So I can't wait to try something new with them!  If you have any other ideas on how you use them please share them my way!

Be inspired,
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  1. Hahahaha! I might have to try the secret safe!!!

  2. Great ideas! I think we'll be using the seating chart for the wedding! : )

    1. It seriously such a great trick! You never realize how much you have to move people around.