Favorites: March Links

Reflecting back on this month of March, I feel ike I've been so productive.  I've really dedicated time to working on this blog even amongst the craziness of teaching demands, grad school assignments, and life.  With all the work I've been putting into blogging, it feels almost like a second job... but honestly, I love doing it!

Through my many internet surfing sessions throughout this month I found some really fun and funny things and websites that I would love to share.
Here are some of my favorites from this month:

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OODP: Casual Egg Dying Outift

Welcome to the first OODP (Outfits of Dear Paradise) blog post!

OODP: Casual Egg Dying Outfit

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I LOVE shopping.  Especially for clothing on sale!
I would describe my personal style as cute and comfy.  I love colors and being able to breathe and move in my outfits.  

That's why I'm so excited to finally share a post of one of my comfy outfits.
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How to: Deal with a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's unavoidable.
It's starts off with getting up a little late...
then forgetting to do something important...
and soon it snowballs into a set of events and situations 
that seem to build up into a giant spiraling mess!

Some people call this having a bad day...
But, being a teacher, I call it having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Yesterday, was one of those days... but something miraculous happened.
I didn't cry, I didn't yell, I didn't huff or puff (and blow a house down).

I realized that I took some extra (almost subconscious) steps 
to help me deal with this type of day.

Here's what I did and how you can get through it too!

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Favorites: "Eggs"traordinary Easter Decor

Holidays are the best time to spend with family and friends!  
Cute decor can also help make the ambiance more festive!
While online window shopping I stumbled across some cute decor, so I thought I'd share!

Here are some "eggs"traordinary decor pieces for Easter!

1. Best Chick Ever Lidded Egg Dish via francesca's
2. Set of 6 Hand Painted Easter Eggs via Crate and Barrel
3. White Swirl 20" Easter Egg Tree via Crate and Barrel
4. Gold Dipped Egg Candles Set of 6 via World Market
5. Blue Speckled Eggs Wreath via Pier 1 imports
6. Bloom Nested Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers via Bed, Bath, & Beyond
7. Easter Burlap Framed Wall Decor - Home Sweet Home via Joann's
8. Egg Topiary via Target
9. Easter Egg Connected Cracked Egg Vases via Target

If you have other "egg"citing favorites, please share below! =)

Have a hoppy Easter!
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Rainy Days as an Adult

Rainy days... 
You either love them or hate them (depending on your mood).

As an adult rainy days can be a great excuse to stay in and do things you've been 
"planning" on doing for awhile.

Maybe you have a long laundry list of chores (including laundry) to do.
Besides being productive, you can also incorporate other fun things on a rainy day!

Here are some ideas for your next (or now if it's raining) rainy day.

Pick a category. Choose your activity. Go!

If you have more rainy day ideas, I'd love to hear them! =)

Keep dry,
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How to: Gift for a 30th Birthday

For a friend's 30th birthday, me and my friend, Nicole, decided to get 30 individual gifts to celebrate her birthday!

One thing I love about gift giving, is not only finding "perfect" treasures for people but also watching their reactions as they open them!

I had done this idea before for my sister-in-law and she loved it!  So with me and Nicole's creative juices we spent a day shopping at our favorite places to find the perfect gifts.

How to: Gift for a 30th Birthday
(This can be done with any birthday age!)

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Favorites: March 2016

Favorites of the Month 
via Target

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

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Be Inspired: 15 Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Are you a sticky (post-it) note addict? I am not ashamed to admit that I am!

They are such a great way to leave yourself reminders and take notes of important (or just as important) things.

But did you know there is a secret untapped world of other uses for sticky notes?  

Below I have gathered so many inspiring ways to use sticky notes.'

So get ready and be inspired:

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How to: Remove Sticky Labels

Ever fall in love with the shape of the glass jar or bottle you were "using" (aka eating or drinking) and wanted to save to repurpose it?  

Look no further! I'll share some tips to help get rid of those pesky labels!

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