Be Inspired: 20 Ways to Use instax Photos

For my birthday two years ago, my husband (boyfriend at the time) gave me an instax camera (along with other goodies), which I had been eyeballing for awhile.  I was delighted to get one because I always loved how vintage the photos looked as polaroids.  

But, to be honest, I haven't used my Instax as often as I should have.  (I could use the excuse that I was busy getting engaged and planning a Wedding for the past two years.)

One of my goals is to get better at photography, so now's the time to start taking more photos!

In this post I have gathered many unique inspirations using instax photos!

So get ready and be inspired:

1. Photo Calendar via Harri Wren

2. Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess

3. Journaling via Wendaful
(She actually shows you how to create and print your own 
Instax/polaroid style photos using your phone.)

4. Gift Tags via conundrum

5. Garland/Banner via Midwestern Girl

6. Name Tags via A Beautiful Mess

7. Panoramas via Frankie Yeung

8. Diary Entries/Quotes via TheThingsWeSay

9. Clip Photo Frame via Fynes Designs

10. Mobile via The Jungalow

11. Photo Frame Display via Auteur Ariel

12. Mini Album via Adrienne Alvis

13. Clock via instax

14. Guestbook via Make Merry

15. Heart Display via Kirsty Larmour

16. String Lights via Urban Outfitters

17. Geometric Photo Display via The Caldwell Project

18. Autographs via Kara Markee

19. Washi Tape via SoZealous

20. Engagement via Dear Paradise 
(This was actually taken after our engagement, 
but we wanted to take a picture near the spot Zach proposed.)

I'm hoping to use some of these inspirations soon.
If you have any other instax photo ideas, please send them my way!

Be inspired,
your photo name


  1. I love the panorama and autograph ideas!!!!!! Never thought of doing that! I NEED an Instax camera now!

    1. Me too!! I actually wanted to get another one! They have some really cute colors and styles of the camera now!