Be Inspired: 20 Ways to Use instax Photos

For my birthday two years ago, my husband (boyfriend at the time) gave me an instax camera (along with other goodies), which I had been eyeballing for awhile.  I was delighted to get one because I always loved how vintage the photos looked as polaroids.  

But, to be honest, I haven't used my Instax as often as I should have.  (I could use the excuse that I was busy getting engaged and planning a Wedding for the past two years.)

One of my goals is to get better at photography, so now's the time to start taking more photos!

In this post I have gathered many unique inspirations using instax photos!

So get ready and be inspired:

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Wedding Bliss: Dance with Me

The final and fifth chapter of the "Wedding Bliss" series presents... many moments of smiles, cheers, laughter, tears, and celebration!  I could't have asked for better company than everyone who were able to attend on this day! 

So let the party begin!

Shut Up and Dance - Walk The Moon

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Wedding Bliss: Husband & Wife

Chapter four presents… after the vows, the I do's, the first kiss… comes the beautiful moments of being husband and wife.

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Wedding Bliss: I do's

Chapter three presents… our Wedding Ceremony.  

Zach and I were blessed to have one of our close friends, Brian, to be our Officiant.  Not only did he sign our marriage license but months prior to the Wedding, he helped charge us through "marriage counseling".  Somehow he was able to get the both of us to open up on topics we've never discussed before.  If you are engaged, I highly suggest going through some sort of counseling.  It definitely helped bring Zach and I closer and become more and more excited to spend the rest of our lives together.
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Wedding Bliss: Bridal Entourage

Chapter two presents… the friends and family who helped make our Wedding Day the best it could be.  Without these ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how life would be without their conversations, company, and love.

The Ladies:

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