New Year's Goals

New year, new outlook, new resolutions?    

 After the start of a new year, 
I find myself making New Year’s Resolutions as many people often do. 

Do 50 crunches every other day.

Eat healthier.
Go to the gym.

I realized that the resolutions I was making were always about how to change what I didn’t like about myself.    

I looked up the Merriam-Webster definition of “resolution” and found this:    

finding an answer or solution to a problem” 

This year I didn't want to focus on fixing things that I knew I wouldn't be motivated to do. (Anyone who knows me, knows I am pretty lazy and would not go to a gym regularly, though in theory it be wonderful to!)

Instead, I wanted to embrace the things that I already love doing.
I felt like a resolution was not what I wanted to make this year, but what could I make instead?

Again, I looked up the Merriam-Webster definition of “goal”:

This is definitely what I am aiming for.  What's great about setting goals is that once I achieve one, I can make another and then another!  With past resolutions, once I started to lose that drive to continue, it was a total fail for the year.

Hence me changing “New Year’s Resolution” to “New Year Goals”.  

But, what goals would I make this year?
I didn't want them to end up sounding "resolution-y"

So I stopped to reflect and ask myself: "What do I love?"

    organization (my obsession with the Konmari method)
    writing (stories, lists, blog post, ahem)
    dancing (hip hop mainly)
    photos (according to my friends, I am the photo documenter at our hang outs)
    music (I'm always searching for new music and watching covers on Youtube)
    my husband (cue the "awwwwwww")

All of these "loves" of mine really inspired me to create my goal list.  I ended up with a list of 10 goals and I still have plenty of room to add more as the year goes on.

(think you can figure out which goal connects to which "love" of mine?)

Some of these goals are pretty open-ended, but hopefully I can be more specific as I am working through these goals. 

So far, I am currently working on 7 out of my 10 goals, which is pretty impressive since it's only 15 days into the New Year.  I hope/can’t wait to write future posts reflecting on achieving these goals!

Setting goals not resolutions,
your photo name


  1. No joke, two of my 2016 goals was to get a polaroid or film camera, and learn at least 5 songs on my ukulele. lol


    1. We should try to learn the ukulele together!