DIY: Holiday Wreath

Luckily, I am friends with many people who also enjoy their share of crafts as much as I do.  This past November, we were able to finally have our first “Craft Night”.  Thanks to Ellen for hosting it at her apartment!  The girls planned to gather all of their wreath materials and bring them to “Craft Night”.    

It was such a fun night full of food, drinks, and best of all CRAFTS! Even the guys joined in and had their own “Craft (Beer) Night”. (I should have taken a picture of them and their beers!)    

Anyways down to the nitty gritty.    

DIY Holiday Wreath:
(How I made my wreath this year.  Perfect for the winter season!)


    18” Grapevine Wreath (I got mine from Jo-Ann’s
    Design Master Colortool Spray Paint – Robin’s Egg (from Michael’s or Amazon)
    Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks
    Wire cutters
Assorted artificial Embellishments (such as flower stems and sprays)

1.  Find inspiration.
Before I create anything, of course I have to find inspiration from Pinterest.

Here was the wreath that inspired me to make mine:

When I went into Michael’s to start collecting supplies, I also found this pre-made one for sale that also inspired the concept of my wreath:    

2.  Gather embellishments.

I searched for mostly white floral type embellishments and then arranged them in the way that I planned on placing them on my wreath.

3.  Spray Paint the wreath and allow time to dry before attaching embellishments.  
(I recommend waiting a day or two after spray painting.)

I did this before our official “craft night”.  I love the Design Master spray paint! It dried quickly and I only needed to put maybe two or three coats over top of the wreath.  Needless to say I finished it within an hour.  (It wasn’t completely covered in the Robin’s Egg color but it gave a nice rustic look to it with some of the original grapevine color showing.)

4.  Arrange your embellishments.    

5.  Trim and hot glue the embellishments onto the wreath.

When “craft night” finally arrived, I took all of my materials out of the bag and started to arrange, trim the pieces with wire cutters, and hot glue it between the grapevines.

(I was one of the first ones done!)

6.  Admire your wreath as you allow time to dry from attaching the embellishments.    

Wa-la! Greet “Happy Holiday” to guest that arrive to your doorstep!
(Here are the other girls' wreaths as well! Love all of the creativity!)

Stay crafty my friends!
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