Wedding Bliss: Ambiance & Decor

With this past record breaking blizzard, Zach and I completely forgot that our 6 month anniversary was this past Sunday (1/24/16).  

So in celebration of being half-way to our 1st year of marriage, I am so excited to finally share memories of the most amazing day in our lives.

Thanks to my fabulous photographer Ica (IcaImages) for capturing every beautiful moment that we will cherish forever.  She is an amazing photographer if you're looking for beautiful talent in Maryland.

This will be the first of a five chapter (post) series titled "Wedding Bliss".  I hope these photographs inspire you, whether you are planning a wedding or are a design/decor fanatic like I am.

In this chapter, I want to share our wedding decor which many were handcrafted by yours truly and my crafty friends.  I also wanted to share our beautiful venue space.  My day-of wedding coordinator made my vision come together so perfectly.

The Ceremony:

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7 Things Leading Up to a Snow Day

If you are a teacher you can definitely relate to one or all of these things that lead up to a possible “snow day”. 

So here goes (from a teacher’s perspective):

1. Staying “calm”

By “calm”, I really mean not trying to get your hopes up in case the weather decides to pull an early April fool’s joke on you in January.   

Though it is nearly impossible to keep calm because there’s always that one person who checks the forecast 2 weeks in advance and announces to everyone that snow is coming.

(If you can't think of one…it's probably you.)

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New Year's Goals

New year, new outlook, new resolutions?    

 After the start of a new year, 
I find myself making New Year’s Resolutions as many people often do. 

Do 50 crunches every other day.

Eat healthier.
Go to the gym.

I realized that the resolutions I was making were always about how to change what I didn’t like about myself.    

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DIY: Holiday Wreath

Luckily, I am friends with many people who also enjoy their share of crafts as much as I do.  This past November, we were able to finally have our first “Craft Night”.  Thanks to Ellen for hosting it at her apartment!  The girls planned to gather all of their wreath materials and bring them to “Craft Night”.    

It was such a fun night full of food, drinks, and best of all CRAFTS! Even the guys joined in and had their own “Craft (Beer) Night”. (I should have taken a picture of them and their beers!)    

Anyways down to the nitty gritty.    

DIY Holiday Wreath:
(How I made my wreath this year.  Perfect for the winter season!)

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Favorites for the New Year

Hello… it’s me… (cue in Adele…LOVE her new c.d. btdubs)

2016 is upon us!
I wanted to share a few new favorite essentials I have collected
to help kick start the new year:

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