Where is Zach?

Day 2: (of Honeymooning in Punta Cana)   

Not having to wake up to an alarm was absolutely amazing!  With the weeks prior to the wedding I still had plenty to do even with having my summer’s “off”.  Though for teachers we are never truly “off” for the summer.

Started off the day right by ordering room service (again) but this time for breakfast! 

Zach looks so handsome pouring hot chocolate for me! =)

So in spirit to the title of today’s blog post, we will play a game to reward you for reading today!  The game is called “Where is Zach?”.  Look at the photograph below and see if you can find Zach hiding in the picture.  (We must have played a lot of “Where’s Waldo?” books as children.)

Go ahead and find him! Good luck!
Did you find him? Good job if you did and if you didn’t better luck next time!    

We decided to check out the “member-exclusive” pool where we had a cabana reserved just for us.  Here you can see us enjoying the cabana life!  We even took a dip into the pool, which was quite smaller than the main pool. 

For lunch, we went to the “member-exclusive” restaurant called “Fuego”.  Our meals were so delicious so of course we needed to take pictures of our food. 

Break time! Time to play “Where is Zach?” again! Ready? Set. Go!    

For dinner we went to a building, which had three restaurants.  There was a steakhouse, a hibachi, and a sushi bar.  Our reservations were at the sushi bar called “Bana”.  We couldn’t decide on which sushi so she decided to try them all.  They were all so delicious!    

In the evening we checked out the beautiful fountain at the resort.    

 Of course this included taking some selfies in the purple lighting.
This is the result of us trying to take a good picture.

On the way back to our room we found this awesome statue.    

Naturally, we had to replicate the expression.    

Day 2 was so eventful, so as a reward let’s play one last round of “Where is Zach?”. 

Do you see him?
Look closer….closer….CLOSER!

Thanks loves, more honeymoon adventure sharing to come!

Buenas Noches,
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