Fresh Start

Why I decided to blog:

For years I’ve admired the creative style and voice of bloggers that I find on Pinterest.  Whether I was reading a how-to-DIY project or reflections about a photograph, it has always inspired me to want to start my own blog. 

It wasn’t until I participated in the MarylandWriting Project that it has given me an opportunity to really dive into blogging. 

(Woops! Forgot about this part! Some background knowledge about me: My name is Jenny, I am getting married in less than a week, I want a puppy, and I am second grade teacher.)

During the Maryland Writing Project, we were told to pick a topic or idea to write about throughout the course and I originally had planned on writing mentor texts for my classroom.

But then I heard everybody else’s writing ideas and thought how cool it was that many people were writing memoirs, letters, or essays about themselves.  So after debating whether or not to change my topic, I finally decided, “Hey! Why not FINALLY start on that blog you keep wanting to do!”

So here it is! In all its glory! Or start of it. 

I am determined to actually continue this blog hopefully for the rest of my life.

My goals for my blog:
·      Sharing DIY projects (successful ones!)
·      Inspiring photos (or pretty ones I took!)
·      Positive Moments (share the love!)

Thank you for diving into this adventure with me!
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  1. Dear Jenny,

    We here at the Maryland Writing Project cheer you on! Go writer!