DIY: Burlap & Tulle Aisle Bows

Pinterest is my nightmarish obsession.  I could spend hours just pinning things I “want” to do.  Planning a wedding has actually helped me bring these “pinned” projects into fruition!

In one of my searches of “how to tie a bow” I found and followed the directions of how Home Sweet Ruby created her bow for her fall wreath. 

I adjusted the directions to fit my wedding needs!

Here is my first DIY tutorial for my Burlap & Tulle Aisle Bows:    

·      Burlap Ribbon
·      Tulle (color of your choice)

1. Gather your materials, here I only used burlap ribbon (bought from Michaels) and white tulle (reusing from a friend’s wedding).    

2. Depending on how big you want your bows, guesstimate how much you want to use and then use these strips as models to cut 5 additional strips of burlap and 5 of tulle.  (This would create a total of 6 aisle bows).    

3. Overlap the burlap so the ends cross each other as pictured above.    

4. Pinch the middle where the two ends cross.    

5. Tie the tulle around the middle and pull tight to create a bow (This was tricky with just two hands, you might need to adjust the bow as needed.)    

6. Fluff out the tulle and lay flat.

Wa-la! Infuse rustic and elegance as you decorate!


Here are the burlap & tulle aisle bows working in action during the Wedding.

Photography Credit: Ica Images (Ica is an amazing photographer!) 

Stay crafty my friends!    
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