DIY: Burlap & Tulle Aisle Bows

Pinterest is my nightmarish obsession.  I could spend hours just pinning things I “want” to do.  Planning a wedding has actually helped me bring these “pinned” projects into fruition!

In one of my searches of “how to tie a bow” I found and followed the directions of how Home Sweet Ruby created her bow for her fall wreath. 

I adjusted the directions to fit my wedding needs!

Here is my first DIY tutorial for my Burlap & Tulle Aisle Bows:    

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! 

Gotta say, that today was the first day I had to “work” on my birthday, but I did not mind at all!  I was excited to work on my blog again!

Birthday Reflections:
·      I thought I was turning 28. (I’m really turning 27)
·      Super excited for next week, only 9 more days! (We’re in the single digits baby!)
·      I have am surrounded by loving and supportive people who have surprised and shower me with gifts and well wishes. (Need to make some time to say “Thank you” to everyone on Facebook.)
·      I am truly content with spending my birthday with just the person I love the most, my fiancée.
·      I still enjoy surprises though!

I received beautiful orange flowers from one of my bridesmaids and my fiancée.    

And a night full of surprise gifts and ice cream cake (my favorite!) from my matron of honor and bestest!    

Don’t forget to make a wish!    
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